You Didn't Get Into Business to Be Average...

 At FRAXN, we help you stay focused on Your Business and Your Goals, not everyone else.

We’re leading the way in using financials as a management tool for business owners like you. No more investing your time, money and energy into something you will only use for tax compliance and accounting. 

What Makes FRAXN Different?

Our primary focus is on you. 
We incorporate your goals and your targets into your financial data.
We’ve spent the time and energy to cut through the clutter and technicalities of accounting so you don’t have to do that heavy lifting.  The charts and reports have been designed to help you get straight to decision making.
FRAXN was built with the end in mind.  Whether you’re building your most important asset that will take care of your family for years to come or you’re looking to position yourself for an exit — FRAXN will meet with you on a monthly basis to make sure that you are on track to meet your goals.  
We care so much about your results and your future that we’re paying for you to have an Annual Valuation from the world’s largest sell-side advisor in the pest control space.  YES, you heard that right.  EVERY YEAR!
Book a time now. And let us show you the difference. 

FRAXN Helps With your Service Business Bookkeeping and Accounting

Here's how...


We'll handle all the bookkeeping, reconciling, and reporting you don't have to.

Actionable Financial Reporting

Get easy-to-read financial reports you need to take informed action

Total Business Dashboard

Get access to a single dashboard that tells you everything you need to know about your business at a glance. No Accounting Degree required.

....And TONS More!

Personal AND Business Tax Filing.
Weekly updates to your books for faster decision making.
Annual Valuation.
And even more on the way!

Better books.

Better decisions.

Better pest control business.

Our process

Designed to make your life easy.

leading the way with faster reporting and deeper insights

Not Our First Rodeo

When it comes to the service business industry, we've seen it all. So you'll get more than just tactical help - get a team of strategic thinkers that understand what you're trying to build (and how to build it).

A Better Experience

No offense to the other guys, but we're pretty passionate about taking care of our clients. Great communication. Proactive help. People who get you.

Simple Language Only

You shouldn't need a degree in accounting to understand your financial reports. We build dashboards that regular guys and gals can understand...and USE.

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